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Staff members at Locksmith Santa Clara CA also work weekends

Everyone likes to enjoy their time and have a day or two off every now and then. In order to work weekends, there needs to be a very strong motivation behind and that exists at Gary and Son AcuLock Santa Clara CA. We are available for emergencies that occur over the weekends and during the holiday season. For us, the client is a priority and though we charge you for everything that we do, there is a motive of being helpful as we gain extra business. Weekend shifts are based on mutual benefit with you benefiting from us and we are getting paid work on weekends as well.

Locksmith Santa Clara CA

The Real 24/7 emergency service at Locksmith in Santa Clara CA

What does Gary and Son AcuLock in Santa Clara CA mean by real 24/7 emergency service? How can a service be real? This is a question that might arise in the minds of many as they read through the header. By real service, we mean that when we say we would be available round the clock we actually stand on the commitment. Many companies would announce and advertise their availability 24/7, but if you call them in the middle of the night, they probably won’t answer the phone. We have night staff that works with us in shifts in order to accomplish any task required during that time.

How to manage stubborn broken key extraction with ?

Many people call Gary and Son AcuLock for broken key extraction rather than a lock out problem. These people somehow manage to open the lock but during the process, they find themselves holding a broken key with a part of it stuck inside the lock. If it is your car or your front door lock then it needs to be fixed right away. Trying to pull the key out may cause damage to the door so the best you could do is employ proper tools. If that is not possible then call our company for extracting the key for you.

Holiday season and Car lockout services by Locksmith Santa Clara CA

Excited shoppers and drivers have often called us during the holiday season with the request of reaching out to them in a parking lot outside some shopping mall. With so many sales and promotions, it is hard to restrain one and in the hurry to join a Black Friday queue or any other sales queue, one might lock their car keys inside the car. If you face such issues, you can immediately call for car lockout services from Gary and Son AcuLock Santa Clara CA that will be provided to you as very reasonable rates. You are most likely to have that much in your pockets after the shopping!