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Have safes unlocked with Locksmith San Ramon CA

We often receive distressed calls from owners of safes or from the heirs to the owners who want safes unlocked after the original owner has passed away. Let us assure you that we don’t unlock random safes unless we have made sure that it is completely legal to do so. It is not possible that you bring any safe to us and expect us to unlock it for you. We don’t work outside the laws and norms that the jurisdiction and the industry has laid down for us. Gary and Son AcuLock San Ramon CA is a responsible company that fulfils its responsibility towards clients and the society.

How do you deal with loss of transponder keys

Transponder keys are connected to a radio system inserted into your car for added security. Your car won’t open and it would not start unless there is the transponder key inside. But what if you lose the transponder key? Gary and Son AcuLock and Car Locksmith San Francisco suggests you to have a transponder key programmed for your car as a duplicate as soon as you have the installation by us or by any other company. If you haven’t had the duplicate made then it might require a change in the whole system. Rest assured that we can do both things for you easily. If you find yourself in trouble, call us.

Ensure safety through Vehicle locks by Locksmith in San Ramon CA

Vehicles can be easily stolen if they are not secured with the help of vehicle locks. Gary and Son AcuLock in San Ramon CA helps you keep your cars safe by supplying and installing vehicle locks into your car. We have a wide variety of locks for you. Be it a digital lock for some expensive car or a simple lock and key for your normally priced car, we will have both. Normally, priced cars don’t deserve to get stolen just because they are cheap. We understand what they also mean to you so our locksmiths will help you keep your vehicles safe.

Window locks added by Locksmith San Ramon CA for additional safety

Window locks are very important on first floor rooms and in the rooms of kids. Kids can get out of the window and fall down or cause some other emergency for the family so have window locks installed in the windows of sensitive rooms by Gary and Son AcuLock San Ramon CA. Depending on the type of security that you seek, our company will also add window bars and grills to the windows for added security. The locks can also be connected to the alarm system. Just tell us what you need and we would give you a reasonable quote for the job. After agreement, we would do it for you.