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New locks installation in no time with Locksmith San Rafael CA

If you are looking for a new locks installation then Gary and Son AcuLock San Rafael locksmith CA is your one stop shop for every lock that is in the industry. When talking about domestic locks and auto locks, we have a complete range of them at our gallery. All you need to do is visit our website and choose the item that you desire. Once you have made your choice, you can get a free price quote from our spokesmen over the phone or through email (whichever you prefer). Within no time, our staff members will arrive at your premises and install the new locks that you demanded.

What kind of Patio door lock would suit you?

Patio door locks keep unwanted people from entering into your homes. Nobody denies the added security provided by locks. The most suitable locks for a patio door are auto locks. Because you keep moving in and out, you might forget to lock the door as you step back inside. Gary and Son AcuLock will install a lever system to close the door automatically. It all depends on what kind of door you want. Our designs and way of working is popular within the city because of the efficient and cost effective services we provide upon the request of our client.

Faster services by Locksmith in San Rafael CA through radio-dispatched teams

Now, it is possible to get out services within a stated time frame as we have employed mobile teams of locksmiths which reach your troubled spot as soon as you give a call to us. Now, you don’t have to worry about waiting for hours and hours until the rescue team arrives in order to get you out of your car that is stubbornly locked. You don’t have to worry about getting back inside your home after losing the key because our skilled staff would get you back in within no time at all. Gary and Son AcuLock in San Rafael and Locksmith Fremont CA teams will be radio dispatched to you immediately.

Locksmith San Rafael CA suggests how to remove broken keys

To remove broken keys on your own, you must have the required tools. Trying to pull the key out or to pry it loose can damage the lock or cause any form of dents and scratches on the door. Don’t spoil the good looks of your car door and don’t cause any more damage than already done to the front door. Only if you have the right tools, you must attempt to remove broken keys on your own otherwise you must call for the services of Gary and Son AcuLock Locksmith San Rafael CA that have the equipment which will get the key out of the lock in no time.