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Locksmith San Pablo CA installs Padlocks

You can now avail new offers by Gary and Son AcuLock San Pablo CA where different packages accommodate the installation, repair and replacement of all kind of locks including padlocks. We not only supply locks to you wherever in the city you are but also install them for you. As long as you have good quality products from us, you should not experience problems, but if your lock depreciates and ages then you need to replace it. Call us now at 415-233-9369 if you need a security device replaced, or if you have a problem with it that needs fixing.

Don’t open the door without peephole installation!

With the risks posing to the man of today, it is unsafe to open doors to anyone unless you are sure that the person outside is no stranger. In the doors that you already have, we provide peephole installation without causing any damage to the door. With peepholes, you can feel better if your girl is alone at home because you know she won’t have to open the door in order to know who is ringing the bell. Though peepholes don’t guarantee ultimate security, they do make precautions easier to take. Get your peepholes inserted today by calling us at 415-233-9369.

Re-keying was never easier without Locksmith in San Pablo CA

Sometimes, when you lose your keys but you are quite fond of the locks you don’t feel like changing them. The best thing to do in such a case is to have your re-keying done by an expert Gary and Son AcuLock in San Pablo and locksmith Antioch CA. The lock remains the same but the keys that would open the lock would be different ones. In this way, the lost keys won’t pose a threat to the security of your home, your vehicle or any other treasured possession. Your keys lost with the purse and ID are a serious danger to your home or car so call us at 415-233-9369 if you have lost the keys.

In case of death, locksmith San Pablo CA will have Safes and Vaults opened

Gary and Son AcuLock San Pablo CA can solve problems related to safes and vaults that belong to deceased people. You can either call our team on premises or you can bring the safe to us. Rest assured that we would make sure that the safe is legally entitled to the one who is demanding its opening. Our methods and procedures are legal and lawful and all our locksmiths are certified for the jobs that they carry out. We can provide you with a free price quote if you call us at 415-503-9635. Alternatively, you can visit our website and get a free price quote for having safes and vaults opened.