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Broken Key Extraction Should Be Completed by a Professional Locksmith

Anytime you have a broken key in a lock the extraction of that key should be handled by a professional locksmith. San Francisco Locksmiths can complete a broken key extraction for you quickly and affordably. Never try to remove a broken key from a lock on your own as it could damage the lock and cost you more money by having to have the lock replaced. This can become very costly depending on what kind of lock it is. Our locksmiths are very skilled in removing keys from all types of locks and are available to come and promptly remove your key.

Digital Door Locks Have a Multitude of Uses

When you have a need for a door lock regardless of what type of door it is for try using a digital door lock as they have a multitude of uses. San Francisco Locksmiths carries many high-quality digital door locks and our locksmiths are very skilled in repairing, replacing and installing them. Digital door locks come in all shapes and sizes, as well as in all styles, they help to remove the need for keys in your home or office. They can also be used in conjunction with a key lock for extra security. Contact us at 415-233-9369 for information and pricing.

Ignition Switch Keys Are an Important Part of Your Vehicle

An ignition switch will help your car turn over so that it can start and you can be on your way, this makes it a very important part of your vehicle. Which is why San Francisco Locksmiths has services that will help to ensure that your ignition switch keys are working as they should be. When a car won’t turn over it may be the ignition key or switch, so ensuring that the key is working is the first item to check. Contact us and speak with our locksmiths when you have an issue with your ignition key switch and we’ll help.

Having Your Locks Rekeyed Will Render Previous Keys Useless

When you move into a new home or office you never know who will still have a key to your locks, which can be a security issue. Having your locks rekeyed will not only render any previous keys useless but solve your security issue involving those keys. San Francisco Locksmiths is very skilled at rekeying many types of locks and is available round the clock to do so. Often it is also cheaper to rekey a lock than it is to install a new lock. Contact us whenever you have need of rekeying services and we’ll be there promptly to help you.