Gary and Son AcuLock San Francisco Locksmith

New Locks Installation Can Help Security in the Long Run

One of the first things to do when you move into a new place besides jump for joy is to have new locks installed. The process of New Locks Installation can help your security in the long run as you have no clue who may have had a set of keys to the old locks. San Francisco Locksmith can install your new locks properly which ensures that the security of the locks against intruders is better. An improperly installed lock is an easy target for intruders and forced entry. Contact us and our locksmiths to have your new homes locks installed immediately.

Re-Keying Can Help the Security of Your Business

The security of your business is important and when you let an employee go or a key to an important area is lost security of that business is lowered. Re-keying your locks can help the security of your business come back up to where it should be and San Francisco Locksmith can help you with that. Our locksmiths are skilled at re-keying locks , and will ensure that it’s done correctly , as an improperly re-keyed lock will cost you more money ,as it can damage the lock and need to be replaced. Contact us at 415-233-9369 for all your re-keying needs.

Use Transponder Keys for Your Cars Security

Everyone wants to ensure that they have great security for their vehicle, one way to do so is to use transponder keys. We at San Francisco Locksmith carry these keys as well as repair, replace, copy and duplicate them for our customers. A transponder key is an important part of a vehicles anti-theft system as the car will not run if the appropriate transponder key is not turned in the ignition. Our locksmiths are very skilled in coding these keys accurately to your vehicle. Contact us when you need any type of transponder key service completed and we will promptly help you.

A Locksmith That Will Work Evenings Is a Great Locksmith

Finding a locksmith that works evenings is not always easy, however if you find one that will work evenings then you have found yourself a great locksmith. At San Francisco Locksmith we understand the need for our locksmiths to work evenings, as services don’t run on a set schedule that we would like them too. Whenever you need a key replacement, installation, broken-key removed, unlock, or more our locksmiths are available not only evenings but 24/7 to help you with your locksmith services. Contact us at any time and we will promptly come and assist you with whatever locksmith service you need.