Gary and Son AcuLock – Pinole CA

Peephole installation for your home

When it comes to the security of your home, you want to know who you open your door for. Since doors are generally solid, extra accessories need to be installed. Basically you can either install a camera or a peep hole. Of the two, a peep hole is always the better choice especially for small homes and apartment. This is because they are cheaper and easier to install as well. An experienced company like ourselves here at Gary and Son AcuLock locksmith Pinole CA will do up to standard peephole installation that allow one way viewing only, is durable, has a wide angle view and allows you to welcome your guests without fear of ambush.

We will remove broken keys easy!

We all have had scenarios where locks jam or just won’t open. This can be very frustrating and as is human nature, we get impatient, we keep turning the key and before you know it, it’s broken and a piece of it left inside the lock. This only adds to the frustration. However, though the situation may seem grim especially if you are in a hurry, our technical team here at Gary and Son AcuLock Pinole CA can remove broken keys easily and with no damage to your door. So, next time that lock just won’t open just give us a call.

Security systems: professional installations and repairs at affordable rates

At Gary and Son AcuLock Pinole CA, we not only give excellent locksmith services any time you need, but we also go one step further. Due to the experience and expertise we have acquired over the years, our team will install only the best security systems available for premises or homes. This includes surveillance and a control room, alarm systems, cctv cameras among many other security hardware all designed to keep you safe and to keep intruders at bay. We also do repairs and maintenance of these systems at unbeatable rates.

Installation or change of vehicle locks

Vehicle locks, like any other locks are prone to damage due to exposure to wear and tear. If you are keen, you will know when your locks need replacing; keys start jamming, the doors won’t open after you turn the key or the cylinder just keeps on rotating. For our company, Gary and Son AcuLock Car Locksmith San Francisco in Pinole CA, vehicle locks repair or installation is a routine task. We pride ourselves with skilled man power that will have you in your car in no time. Our able technical team is willing to help 24 hours a day. Therefore, if you are having trouble getting into your car, give us a call on 415-233-9369.