Gary and Son AcuLock – Menlo Park CA

You can easily have your Ignition switch keys repaired

Everybody who owns a car wants to be sure that his or her car cannot be stolen. Ignition switch keys are what determine if a person can start a car and drive it off. Problems can occur at this point as wear and tear may cause the keys not to work. Also to avoid car theft, vehicles today are fitted with computerized keys, where electrical issues tend to develop. Here at Gary and Son AcuLock locksmith Menlo Park CA, our team of experts are highly trained on such issues and will get you on the road in no time.

Have keys copied by a professional

In situation where you have lost your keys or you wish to give a spare to a new housemate, copying a key is usually the best option. Most keys can be duplicated. Our equipment here at Gary and Son AcuLock Car Locksmith San Francisco in Menlo Park CA will give an exact copy. However, you must have proper authority to duplicate the said key. Restricted keys and those written “do not duplicate” on the face of it will not be duplicated. With our technicians, you can have your keys copied in the shortest time possible and at a budget. We also guarantee you that the duplicates we’ll give you will work just as the original ones.

Magnetic locks; for more advanced security

Magnetic locks are the rather mysterious cousin of the locks. There are generally two types; the fail safe and the fail secure. The fail safe remain locked when powered while the fail-secure magnetic locks stay locked when not powered. This makes these locks the best for access restriction. Therefore, when in need to better manage access to your building; then this is one of the best options for you. Depending on what you need our technicians at Gary and Son AcuLock Menlo Park CA will install the locks you need you need and make your building, office or business intrusion free.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to new locks installations

Here at Gary and Son AcuLock Menlo Park CA, we pride ourselves with years of experience as well as a skilled work force. This is most important especially when you need to install new locks. All you need is a locksmith that understands their craft, know the best quality locks and one that will guarantee you quality as well as offer good maintenance. Whether you need New locks installations for magnetic, padlocks or even dead bolts, having us install the locks to your new structure is a smart move. One that will keep your family or property safe. Give a call on 415-233-9369 today to schedule for installations.