Gary and Son AcuLock In San Mateo CA

Vehicle locks and keys for all types and makes

Do you have a problem with starting or unlocking you car? If so, maybe there is a good reason to visit us because it indicates a malfunction or failure of the ignition or a lock on the door. Locksmith In San Mateo CA is automotive locksmith company that repairs locks and provides servicing for all vehicles. Vehicle locks can get dirty due to the rainfall and living in polluted environment. Dirt is retained inside the lock and damages your key, until the moment when it ceases to function. Whenever something like that happens, get us quickly; because we deal with a large number of broken and especially damaged keys and locks.

Quality window locks for the safety of your family

Live upstairs with small kids and need to prevent them to open windows? Most people who live at upper levels of a building can get unpleasantly surprised when find their kids playing around the windows or a balcony doors. Now there is no need to panic, because we at Locksmith San Mateo CA know how to deal with the situation. In order to provide the ultimate security for you and your family; we can offer a range of quality and reliable window locks both for new and existing windows in your house or the apartment. We can also give you a precise estimate of time and costs needed to finish the service.

Emergency locksmith that work weekends

It’s freezing out there and you still need a locksmith to unlock your door or create a new key? We at Locksmith In San Mateo CA know how frustrating it may be when you are unable to unlock your door while it’s cold outside or a heavy rain falls down. That’s why we have recently established emergency service that work weekends, evenings and holidays; so you can stay absolutely assured that we will solve all your problems regardless of the weather and the time of the day. Our skilled and equipped technicians are experienced in a full array of domestic, business and automotive locksmith services and products.

Key duplication in less than a minute

Need to open your home or a car but happened to have a distorted or key cracked? Don’t worry, because even such a key can be duplicated! As a long time serving local locksmith shop, Locksmith In San Mateo CA is well-versed and experienced company that will create a duplicate of your keys within just a couple of minutes. Key duplication doesn’t last long and costs even less, but provide a quality copy of any kind of key. Whether you need a new key or a lock for your house, car or the office; call 415-233-9369 and our skilled craftsmen will reach you at your doorstep.