Gary and Son AcuLock in San Jose CA

When in need of lockout services, give us a call

Great locksmiths are defined by the jobs they have done, their response time and ultimately their ability to get the job done. Here at Koltigen and Gary and Son AcuLock in San Jose CA, it doesn’t matter where or what you have been locked out of. We will get you in. Still doubt how we can do this? Well its simple! We are a certified locksmith company with tones of experience. Solely dedicated to helping you get into or out of your property and keeping intruders away. This is why when it comes to lock out services we are the best.

Master key systems for your building

The need for master key systems especially in a big office or real estate investments are obvious. You need to have access to your properties without having to post guards at every door to open and close doors. The idea is to enhance security and safety of your tenants or residents. This is why Gary and Son AcuLock Locksmith in San Jose CA to ensure that our technology is up to date and service exceed common practice. We take time to inspect your unique situation, the needs of your tenants or staff to make sure that we install master key systems that work best for you.

Getting the best padlocks for you

Padlocks are the most commonly use security hardware today. They are versatile, easily accessible and most of all they do not require any skill to install. The right padlock can be effective and will definitely do the job required. However, the main problem is that due its ease of use and access, there exist so many substandard and counterfeit padlocks such that choosing the best for your security purposes is almost impossible. This is why you should choose Gary and Son AcuLock in San Jose CA our years in this industry has helped us know and identify the best quality padlocks out there for you.

Looking for radio-dispatched services? Look no further

Are you in need of radio-dispatched services? At Gary and Son AcuLock in San Jose CA, we offer the best of these services. All you need to do is to call us on 415-233-9369 and one of our technicians will listen to you, understand your security needs and provide the best solution you might need. Whether its repairs, installation or any other kind of service, we can deliver. Does this sound an expensive affair? It should not as our services are affordable and we offer tailor made services to suit our client’s needs. Our response time is also comparable to no other.