Gary and Son AcuLock In San Francisco CA

Keys copied with protected profile

Need a copy of your key as well as additional layer of security? Look no more, because Locksmith In San Francisco CA offers quality key duplication and replacement in a reasonable amount of time – all with more than attractive prices. Also, we have recently designed a solution that provides an additional layer of security for you and your family. Keys copied with a protected profile, means that you can only copy the keys with us. When making a purchase, we will sign a contract and this way you can ensure and know for sure that no one is able to copy the key without your knowledge and permission.

Mobile home locks and other professional equipment

Problems with the lock at your mobile home prevent you from using it for a weekend? Mobile home locks can sometimes be very hard to open, especially if you haven’t used it for a long time or your mobile home was at the place prone to dust and dirt. That’s why Locksmith In San Francisco CA will come directly at your doorstep, leaving you without additional costs. Rest assured knowing that we will only get you a professional service and products that could easily fit into your planned budget. For more detailed information about our extensive offer; please take a look at our downloadable catalog or send an e-mail inquiry.

New locks installation for all your properties

Moved into a home that was on the market for a long time? We at Locksmith In San Francisco CA are aware how potentially dangerous it may be to buy a house knowing that someone previously had the access to it. New locks installation is a reliable and affordable way to enhance the security level of your new property and make sure no one else has the key for it. Moreover, we will provide the best protection for your home and car. Based on the assessment of your requirements, we will recommend the best solution for your problem and adapt it fully to your wishes.

Fast and affordable re-keying

Is there a problem with your keys or locks and you look for someone to solve it fast and effective? If you have a corrupted or lock cylinder that functions poorly, do not wait for it to block your door, better ask locksmith Sanfrancisco to solve the problem. We offer a service of dismantling, repair and assembly of old and installation of new locks and cylinders. If you suspect that someone came into possession of a copy of your key, you do not need to change valuable locks and cylinders, it is enough to come call 415-233-9369 for re-keying of your lock or cylinder, so that old copy will not operate.