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Gary and Son AcuLock in San Francisco Secures the Neighborhood One Lock at a Time

The Goal of Gary and Son AcuLock is to help the community become safer. Our team of technicians works around the clock to install reliable locks on the homes of our customers. Here at Gary and Son AcuLock, we can offer the technology that has been trusted for years and we can offer the skills to properly install them. An installation that will utilize the maximum strength of the security that can be offered by each individual lock. You don’t need to create a hazard from an amateur installation when we are working around the clock for your convenience.

Locksmith in San Francisco has a Wide Variety of Brand Name Locksmiths

Here at Gary and Son AcuLock in San Francisco, we have the brands that have been trusted for years. This includes Baldwin, Arrow, Schlage, Kwikset, Falcon, Dexter, Weiser, Weslock, and Emtek. These products have been on the market for years. Each brand has their own unique set of strengths. Our patrons have the options to decide the best brand to fit their security needs. Locksmith in San Francisco has been installing brand name locks for more than a generation. We have the experience to know the best company depending on the situation. Our operators are standing by ready too advice the customer 24 hours a day.


Certified by the Associated Locksmiths of American

The ALOA is the largest organization in the world for locksmiths and people who are interested in security technology. We are proud members and benefit from their commitment in physical security technologies. ALOA’s mission is enforce the standards of professional security technicians and help educate the industry with new techniques and technologies. We represent the professional integrity of the security specialists. We strive to bring a good name to all the technicians that are affiliates of the ALOA. We work to maintain the the industry standard for all of our customers.

The Automotive Specialist that is part of the Certified Automotive Locksmith

We offer a service for all the owners of sedans, trucks, tractors, personal water carriers, and motorcycles. Gary and Son AcuLock automotive locksmith has been tested by the CAL. The CAL is the motor vehicle division of the ALOA and can offer the most reliable training and tests for professionals working in automotive security. Each automotive locksmith on our team has the skills necessary for transponder reprogramming, ignition repair, lock repair, and key duplication. This is offered to the customer 24 hours a day. Each locksmith is mobile and I can help make roadside repairs.

A Locksmith in San Francisco that Can Build a Security for the Home

We have a specialist that is working around the clock to bring to the neighborhoods a defense against burglaries and other home invasions. Each technician is an expert in a wide variety of locks like deadbolts, jimmy proof deadbolts, mortise locks, rim locks, cam locks, knob locks, and other types locks. Our residential locksmith in San Francisco specializes in designing a protection that is unparallelled at defending the things that matter most. This is the best deal there is for the residents of our city.

A Locksmith in San Francisco for Start Ups

Gary and Son AcuLock commercial locksmith San Francisco specializes in building the perfect security to fit the needs of any new business owner. We can offer technology that has been tested to be reliable in the lab and in the field. This is technology that when properly installed can help lower insurance costs. These are savings that we want to pass along to any of the local business so that they can better compete in this competitive world. There has never been a better time for an entrepreneur to get what they need.

Certified from Safe and Vault Technicians Association

Safes and Vaults can be a valuable part of any home or office. Gary and Son AcuLock technicians have been certified by the SAVTA, the largest association of technicians that are experts in safes and vaults. This is a team that has all the skills necessary to make repairs of all the major brands of safes and vaults. Brands like Hamilton, ioSafe, Fire King, and Dahle. These are storage devices that have been certified by the National Protection Agency. Our security storage devices are the best way to store guns, valuables, and sensitive documents.