Gary and Son AcuLock in Oakland CA

Get your safes and vaults opened by professionals

At Gary and Son AcuLock locksmith in Oakland CA, we have Safe experts and vault specialists who are always available anytime you need to open your safe or vault safely. Vaults and safes are designed in such a way that only those with the correct combinations can open them. Forgetting or losing your access codes can be quite a headache. If you are in a hurry, then the situation can deteriorate rather fast. Having your safes and vaults opened is an art; this is why our specially trained professionals are your best bet to you accessing your valuables.

Use the best for your transponder keys

Every car today will have transponder keys. These are basically computer chips embedded in your car that complement your conventional key. They are highly specialized and have to be cut to the specifics of the given vehicle as well as programed to it. This is where we come in. Ordering transponder keys from the manufacturers overseas can be extremely expensive. At Gary and Son AcuLock Locksmith Oakland CA, we will get the keys for you in the best possible standard and at affordable rates. We pride ourselves for having state of the art programming equipment as well as that for cutting thus making us your right choice.

Better security with window gates

When it comes to your home’s security a lot of people have learnt that windows are the most vulnerable especially to burglary. It not only goes for homes but also goes for all premises whose windows are easily accessible from the outside. The solution is window gates. They come on all shapes and sizes depending the primary need. The gates that Gary and Son AcuLock in Oakland CA provides can be purely designed for security however, they also add aesthetic value. We also make them to your precise tastes and preferences.

No worries, we work weekends

At Gary and Son AcuLock in Oakland CA, our qualified team of specialized locksmiths are ready to assist at any time of need day or night. When caught up in a sticky situation where youfind yourself in need of a good locksmith, contact us on 415-233-9369. Our team is always on standby ready to respond to any situation. We also work weekends. This is especially good for installations where you wish to be in the premises. Do not be shy the next time you are in a fix. We are here to help. Remember, we do not guess, we are trained in what we do.