Gary and Son AcuLock In Danville CA

Quality transponder keys for your car

Have a car with advanced electronic security and need to get the copy of your key? Most vehicles manufactured after 1995 has electronic protection, so-called transponder keys. Without the correct key and chip inside of it, you cannot start the vehicle. Moreover, ignition of such vehicle with a key without a chip, or with inadequate chip is not recommended; because there is a great possibility of blocking the computer of the vehicle. Locksmith In Danville CA is experienced automotive locksmith company that also monitor the development of such keys, and we are now able to provide you with the highest-quality products and service.

Iron forged window gates for your ultimate security

Opened a new retail space with expensive goods and look for a way to protect it from a burglary? Locksmith In Danville CA is a company that deals with a range of security products and service for a long time. Our high quality door locks, in a combination with iron forget window gates and bars, will make it extremely difficult or almost impossible for someone to violently break into your interior and make a damage. Growing number of our satisfied customers are a clear sign of our quality work and affordable prices. You can find more information about our products in our recently opened showroom.

Magnetic locks for entry systems

Have a large building with many tenants or a large family home? Locksmith Danville CA is a long time serving locksmith company that offers a range of quality and affordable security solutions for commercial and domestic customers, as well as personalized offer and approach. Now we can offer new and innovated products for you. Magnetic locks are the best solution for entry systems to buildings and homes. They are available in versions both with fixed and adjustable pintle, for the left and right doors. With a wide range of functions and the supply voltage, our locks can quickly, efficiently and reliably block and unblock any standard doors with low power consumption.

New locks installation and personalized assistance

If you have recently bought a new house or rented the office space; wouldn’t be wise to set up new locks and prevent anyone who may previously have the keys to enter? New locks installation will provide a higher layer of security for your home or the office. As a long-time serving company, Locksmith In Danville CA offers a wide array of high-quality locks for all your security needs and demands. Our trustworthy locksmiths use only the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship to provide the ultimate security for our clients. Call us at 415-233-9369 to arrange a meeting or ask for a free consultation.