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Peephole installation service by Locksmith El Sobrante CA

For security reasons, it is important to know who is standing on the other side of the door. Therefore, you need something to see through and that is a small gadget called peephole. It is a small gadget with a lens, which allows you to see through the door inside out. Peephole installation is not a problem, but the gadget needs a proper installation on the door at the correct angle. Gary and Son AcuLock El Sobrante CA has been installing peep holes for last ten years, and they are the best to provide you installation service. Now dial 415-503-9635 and call locksmith El Sobrante CA, to send their best locksmith to install peephole.

Locksmith El Sobrante CA

High security locks installed by Locksmith in El Sobrante CA

High security locks are mostly, needed in the building where strict security is required. These security locks have sensors attached for detections. These sensors capture the movement and forward the signal to the receiver for security alert. Gary and Son AcuLock in El Sobrante CA has the sbility and skill in installing high security locks in residential and commercial areas. We have all types of tools and equipment for installation. We verify proper system installation through our standard testing procedures. For more information, visit our website, register yourself, fill the online form, and submit. If you want technical help, contact us through our landline number so dial 415- 503-9635.

Locksmith El Sobrante CA can install the master key system in your car

Gary and Son AcuLock El Sobrante CA is the service provider is experienced in repairing and installing security and locking system in all types of cars, mobile homes, trucks, motor bikes and more. We have in our stock different types of master key system for new and old cars. If you are tired of carrying a bunch of keys and need only one key, solution, contact us. We will provide you expenditure expected to install master key system for your car. The system is water and rust proof, coated with laminated material. We sell locking system with six-month replacement warranty and one year after sales services.

Locksmiths expect to receive emergency calls for Lockout services.

The locksmith emergency call centers are available and stay standing by for any type of lockout services. For emergency, we have automobile with all tools and fixtures to travel and reach the emergency spot. We offer the services for broken key, jammed door locks, key duplication, etc. We are available 24/7 the whole year around. We have provided training to handle all types of home lockout or car lockout services. We have our branches all over the state and near highways. For our contact, numbers and details regarding our services log on to our website. If you need any technical information, directly call us or send us an email.