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Locksmith Daly City CA provides broken key extraction services

There are times when luck does not seem to be on our side. Such example is when your car key broke when you were getting it out from the ignition. Though you may try to get the broken key yourself, you do not have the necessary skills to do that and in turn to create more problems to the car by damaging the ignition. Best to ask for the assistance of a locksmith who can do the extraction of your key without the damaging the lock. Gary and Son AcuLock Daly City CA provides broken key extraction services and does it efficiently. They have the necessary skills needed to perform the task well.

Locksmith in Daly City CA offers and installs digital door locks

Technology advances so fast most of us are doing our best to keep up with its pace. And this holds true right from our homes. Such is the level of security we have now in our homes to provide protection for our family as well as our property. Gone are the days that we use numerous keys for our locks. Those were the days and today, digital door locks are what’s in. Gary and Son AcuLock in Daly City and locksmith Palo Alto CA offers and installs digital door locks and rest assured these locks will work perfectly on your homes providing your family and your home the utmost protection they deserve. Call now and avail of discounts that we offer for this month. Ask our operatives for more details.

Locksmith Daly City CA can fix your ignition switch keys

Gary and Son AcuLock Daly City CA provide a wide range of services from the simple task of key duplication to even the most advanced programming of your transponder keys as well as installation of high security system and they perform these services quick and with utmost efficiency. If your car’s ignition switch key seems not functioning the way it should be then you can rely on one of our skilled and experienced locksmiths to fix your ignition switch key immediately. We are just a phone call away. Dial our number at 415-503-9635 and we will be there right just when you need us.

Professional locksmiths get your locks rekeyed

It will be more economical to have locks rekeyed rather than buying new sets of locks and have them installed in your homes. You will only need to pay for the rekeying service and that would be more logical to do. Besides, your locks are still working properly. You just lost the keys that will have them locked and unlocked. A professional locksmith can get you locks rekeyed effortlessly. These are just one of the most ordinary jobs they encounter every day. They have the necessary skills and expertise needed to perform such tasks. Call now and your locks will be rekeyed in no time at all.