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Locksmith Berkeley CA sells, installs and opens padlocks

Padlocks are the simplest form of security measures and one of the easiest ways too, which we can use to provide protection to something. Gary and Son AcuLock Berkeley CA offers to sell high quality, really durable padlocks and have them installed too wherever you need them. In case you are having difficulty with your old padlocks, we can also open them for you. Opening padlocks is one of the easiest tasks we get to do and we can have your padlocks opened in just a few minutes. Our padlocks are made from high quality materials and guaranteed to last for years. Call us now to order and choose from a wide range of choices which are this month’s sale!

Locksmith Berkeley CA

Locksmith in Berkeley CA can remove broken keys with little effort

Removing broken keys may seem hard to do for most people but it is just something ordinary to us. Gary and Son AcuLock in Berkeley CA can remove broken keys in any lock quick and easy. We have the expertise and skills to perform the task in an instant. Likewise, we also have the necessary tools needed to remove the broken keys from the locks without destroying the locks. As long as you want, your locks will still function properly and provide security to your home. You can reach us at 415-233-9369 at any time.

Locksmith Berkeley CA can have your vehicle keys made faster

Gary and Son AcuLock Berkeley CA performs a wide range of services which require the knowledge and expertise of a locksmith including having your vehicle keys made. You need a specialist to do such task. The task does not just involve recreating vehicle keys for you but it also has to work perfectly on your vehicle too. You can ask your dealer to have your vehicle keys made but it will definitely take a longer time and most likely to cost more. It would be more practical and a better option to call a professional locksmith who also specializes with vehicle keys regardless of the car model.

Professional locksmiths work weekends to serve you better

So we could provide better service, our professional and seasoned locksmiths work weekends too. Any lock and key related problems you have at home such as lockout services, broken key extraction, rekeying needs, name it we provide it. We can provide solutions for you. No need to wait until the next business working day and hours to have the problem fixed while worrying about the security of your home where your family stays. We can provide you with the solutions now and you can have your peace of mind. Simply dial our number and we will gladly send one of our best locksmiths to help you.